According to the MAPP website: “Other career tests might tell you all about your personality, but the MAPP career test uniquely helps you find your true calling.”

The MAPP consists of 71 questions. Each consists of three statements, and you are asked to select one statement with which you most agree and the one with which you least agree. You will leave one statement blank. It takes about 15 minutes to complete.

If you upgrade to a nominal, for-fee MAPP package, their system will match you to 900 jobs, according to your unique MAPP profile.

Free results are essentially a teaser to encourage purchase of paid results; however, the free MAPP Match features that compares your results with 5 chosen jobs is helpful.

We found the MAPP to be very similar to other interests tests in questions. The test seems to do a good job at identifying if you prefer to work with people, things, or ideas, and this is very important information. However, much of the interpretation is relatively abstract and overly "flattering." The MAPP report is divided into five sections; however, it contains no introduction or summary. It feels like there is too much text and not enough concrete suggestions.

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