The Birkman Method consists of 300 questions and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. The Birkman Method is an online, multi-dimensional instrument that assists you in seeing yourself from many angles. The assessment identifies your strengths, interests, normal and stress behaviors, and your “motivational needs.” It describes your leadership style, organizational focus, and the ways in which you view problems and solutions. It also provides a comparison of your profile with those in 167 careers.

Through a combination of factor analysis, The Birkman Method identifies the respondent's typical interpersonal style (usual behavior). We also liked how it gives unique insights into underlying motivations and needs. Stress behaviors are identified when these needs are not satisfied.

The Birkman test not only probes for hard skills but also evaluates your interests, your motivations, and how you respond to everyday pressures. While their site retrieves a list of jobs that might be right for someone who has your interests and style, it is a tool more directed at understanding one’s behaviors and less on career choices.

Its report includes an easy-to-interpret, color-coding system to show job strengths, management style, and career orientation. However, we found its recommendations to be somewhat general and less accurate and useful.

The Birkman Method price-tag includes a review with a certified affiliate. This is, as always, extremely important and helpful when it comes to career assessments.

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