Career Testing Reviews

There are many varieties of assessment tools, easy measuring a particular facet of you, like your interests, skills, personality, and values. Self-assessment tools are also either Self-Directed or Requiring Interpretive Assistance. Testing typically differs in terms of the attributes measured (abilities versus interests versys personality, etc.), validity, reliability, and methodology.

Our reviews were not exhaustive and not all are shown below. Based on a team of 3 career development professionals.

Our criteria included: Ability to understand questions, Ability to understand results, perceived accuracy of results, usefulness of results. Assessments were judged on a 5-point scale.


According to the Oxford Program’s website, their program is “A program based on a unique methodology combining advanced career testing, thought experiments, exercises, community support, and professional career coaching.” More Info


The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey, created by Dr. David P. Campbell, is a self-report instrument that measures work-related interest and skills to help guide an individual to a specific occupational area.  The scales of the CISS are based on the individual’s interest in a career and their confidence in performing those activities. More Info


The Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator (MBTI) is based on Jungian theory, which consists of four sets of opposing personality characteristics. Your personality type is based on your preference for each of the dichotomies. The four dichotomies include Extroversion-Introversion, Sensing-Intuitive, Thinking-Feeling and Perceiving-Judging. More Info


The Birkman Method consists of 300 questions and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. The Birkman Method is an online, multi-dimensional instrument that assists you in seeing yourself from many angles. The assessment identifies your strengths, interests, normal and stress behaviors, and your “motivational needs.” More Info


According to the MAPP website: “Other career tests might tell you all about your personality, but the MAPP career test uniquely helps you find your true calling. More Info


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